Goals and Vision

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The ultimate goal of SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Programme is to be among the greatest environment protection programs
of the world. We would like to induce a real change, and to ensure that the result of our operation will not be a resource
of the wealth of a few, but it results in community building and improving our venture.


A further goal of SUNMONEY is to bring electricity to places that currently lack the commodity to satisfy the demands of daily life,
and protecting the environment in the meantime.

Our way of achieving that is to help as many people as possible on our planet to receive the maximum possible monthly commission
of €15,000 granting financial security, in addition to the unlimited income from the solar cells.


Our goals include the development of the global renewable energy index to help the renewable energy sector to evolve.
SUNMONEY is planning to issue stock options and later on take the company to the stock market.


On the long run SUNMONEY’s plan is to have 100 Gigawatts of solar power plants on 5 continents and hydro power plants too.
We would like to take part in the research, development and production of new renewable related technologies
and help start-ups on this field.


Currently the SSG’s investment platform is limited to investments below 100K euro.
SSG is planning to expand its platform to receive investments above 100K euro.
This platform will be complementary to our existing system.
This platform will also welcome the owners of 3rd party solar power plants, who will be able to sell short and long term investments
by the Watt on any scale. All these solar power plants will be audited by independent auditors –PWC, Deloitte-
and will be monitored by blockchain technology.


Sellers will be able to realize short-, mid- and long term earnings immediately
on their solar power plant projects to accelerate ROIs


Buyers will be able to invest in renewable energy remotely for short-, mid- and long term earnings to realize profit
without the initial investment of building a solar power plant.


SSG has an initial line up of 50 companies to use this new investment platform for selling investments.
In the first year of operation of the new platform SSG expects 2000 solar power plants to be listed on it with 15,000 signed up investors.
SSG will charge commissions on all 3rd party transactions.


On the long run, SSG will broaden this investment platform
to a 360º indexed trading platform for renewable energy.


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